Daily Routine Timetable Chart For a Healthy Lifestyle.


Daily Routine Timetable

We all are aware of the world-famous proverb ‘health is wealth. Indeed good health is the greatest asset for life! It takes effort and some good habits to maintain our health and lifestyle better.

A good diet, a maintained routine followed by healthy activities contribute to a better lifestyle. Requirements for a healthy lifestyle are different as per the age of people. A routine for a student and a routine for an office goer would not be all same. Likewise, it will be different for elderly retired persons. We must know the little things to do which contribute to a healthy life according to our age group. Let’s discuss, what are the habits that would help us to have a healthy life.

Importance of good health in people’s life Daily Routine Timetable.

A healthy lifestyle and proper health are extremely important for an individual to survive. Unhealthy people are not physically fit, therefore these people get ill very easily and do not have the immunity to stand any disease. There should be a daily routine for a healthy lifestyle. Given below are the most common points that portray the importance of good health in a human being’s life:-

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Daily Routine Timetable

●     Helps you fight diseases: A healthy person is someone who possesses the capacity to contribute to social and societal approaches. An unhealthy person is weak from the inside, he has zero immunity and will just end up dealing with his diseases in the future instead of fighting them. These people are unable to perform their responsibilities and will always be engaged with themselves and their illness. On the other hand, those who have good health are more energetic. They know their responsibilities and will be able to carry them out with much dedication. They will be able to cope up with any minor or major disease that will come their way because they have strong immunity.

●     Expands your life: “Add life to your years, not years to your life” is a very common and well-acclaimed proverb we have often heard people using, but in case you have a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet chart, both the former and the latter are possible. Good health gives you a wonderful life with no association with illness or diseases. This is the exact reason why it is important to follow a diet chart with rich contents of protein, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. It is certainly very advantageous for your old age.

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Daily Routine Timetable

●     Saves the cost of treatment: To be very honest, having good health and healthy life can be of so much advantage. It saves one from visiting hospitals again and again. It saves money. Prevention is always better than cure. Make sure you start your day as well as end your day with a healthy diet. Moreover, a healthy lifestyle is a key to a long life. It always leads to an everlasting smile on your face.

●     Psychologically beneficial: Everything we go through on a daily basis has a deep impact on our mental health, be it positive or negative. Having good health has a massive positive impact on your brain which in turn keeps your heart happy. On the other hand, if you are unhealthy and you are suffering from serious diseases, then you become mentally weak and that affects your body to a great extent. It makes you feel hopeless and degrades your physical health. It even causes several psychological problems like depression, anxiety, and certain mental disorders. The sadness of not having a healthy lifestyle bothers people and they go through certain psychological problems.

Daily Routine Timetable for students .

All students should follow a healthy routine chart on a daily basis. The steps they need to follow are given below

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●     Wake up early: It is rightly said that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. It is one of the best habits in your student life. People who wake up early are more responsible and organized. It is scientifically proven that waking up early and preparing for exams helps a lot in enhancing your studies. It also increases concentration levels and helps an individual in putting up with academic pressure.

●     Do some yoga or body exercises: Working out on a regular basis helps in maintaining the flexibility of your body, it enhances the rate of metabolism as well. It gives you mental strength and helps you to stay physically fit as well. A disciplined lifestyle is necessary for you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Staying under strict discipline tells a lot about your values in society, it shapes you as a person.

●     Plan a routine: It is important to plan what you will be doing throughout the day and how productive you can make it. A well-structured routine helps you to complete all your chores on time. It teaches you time management and helps you analyze which are the sectors that need to be put more attention in. Organize what you need to do and focus on the larger aspects of life. It will keep you going.

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Daily Routine Timetable

●     Stay hydrated: The weather changes might take a toll on your health. Therefore, drink water as much as possible. It ensures a stable pressure level. A balanced flow of urine keeps your body healthy. If you do not drink water, you might faint during hot summer days. You might end up suffering from dehydration. At least 2 liters of water is compulsory for each and everyone who is leading a student’s life.

Daily Routine Timetable for middle-aged people.

Middle-aged people have a lot of responsibilities to deal with regularly. They need to develop a strong immune system so that they can fight all the hindrances that prevail on their way. Following are some points to keep in mind for ensuring a healthy lifestyle for middle-aged people:-

●     Take care of your sleep posture: It is important for middle-aged people to follow certain specific patterns while sleeping. Unhealthy sleeping patterns and posture can cause pain in the thigh muscles or hip muscles. At times, they lead to serious orthopedic problems. Therefore, maintain a proper sleep posture so that you do not have to face difficulty in functioning your body throughout the day.

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Daily Routine Timetable

●     Practice yoga: It is known to almost everyone that yoga calms one’s mind and gives him inner peace. Middle-aged people have a lot of roles to perform and responsibilities to carry, therefore it is evident that they go through stressful situations. Yoga is the key to reduce stress and implant positivity within you. It makes you view life from a positive point of view. In other words, it makes you optimistic in nature.

●    Cherish skills: Try taking out time and practice some hobbies. Doing something productive might help you to spend your time during your free time. For example, some Middle-aged people use wool to make sweaters while some stitch cloth. You can take care of the pet, do some gardening. These productive activities will keep you engaged and happy throughout the day.

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Daily Routine Timetable

●     Eat healthy and more in quantity: To start with, it is really important to maintain a healthy diet. This is because eating vegetables and consumption of animal protein will develop your body, it will make you stronger. People from age 30-60 years have to perform a lot of activities regularly, therefore they need a proper diet of standard quantity to provide them with the energy to work every day without getting tired.

Daily Routine Timetable for old people.

Old people are very delicate. A slight inconvenience might give shape to a serious situation. Hence they need to follow a healthy lifestyle routine. The points to mention in this regard are as follows:-

●     Read newspaper: When people reach a certain point where they have a lesser amount of responsibilities to perform, they have a lot of free time. Hence, staying updated about the social status of our country, the political outlook, and the economic sector of our country would add to their knowledge. To be honest, there is no age for learning. Staying updated helps them to connect with the current situation.

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Daily Routine Timetable

●     Go for a walk: It is not desirable for old age people to perform physical exercises because they might end up hurting their joints in the process. Health specialists suggest that they should go for a walk in the morning every day so that they can inhale fresh oxygen. This keeps them refreshed and maintains blood pressure levels.

●     Eat light food: As people grow older, their digestive system starts to get weak. Eating heavy and spicy food items might cause acidity every now and then. Therefore it is suggested to eat as many light food items as possible. This will keep them healthy and strong.


Leading a healthy life is one’s own personal choice but your good health serves you really well in the long run. We hope our article enriches your understanding regarding the daily routine for a healthy lifestyle. If you like the piece of article, leave your feed with a quick comment below. Keep visiting profoodguide.com for more beneficial updates.

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