20 Healthy High Carbohydrate Foods List-Best Carbohydrate Foods With Benefits

Introduction: Healthy High Carbohydrate Foods

Recently due to the outbreak of covid-19 physical well-being has become a priority for us. This is because covid has taken a toll on our mental as well as physical health.

Those who have got affected by this virus need high rates of Carbohydrates and calcium in their body to fight this virus and stay healthy. As individuals, it is our first and foremost duty to keep our body happy by providing it with the required nutrients and Minerals. Both men and women require huge amounts of Iron, Calcium, protein, and carbohydrates in their diet.

Once they are adults they have to work hard and earn their livelihood. For that mental and physical strength is required. A huge amount of carbohydrates is required for women because they are the ones who give birth to children and facilitate a new generation. Few women who lack a basic amount of Carbohydrates and proteins in their diet might have problems with pregnancy. Let us discuss the top 20 foods that are rich in carbohydrates.

Top 20 food items rich in carbohydrates:

 Carbohydrates provide energy to one’s body and make sure that the person does not fall ill. Consuming carbohydrates regularly helps one to stay energetic throughout the day. People who are not habituated to have carbohydrates in their lunch or dinner might face a lack of energy throughout the day. It causes low pressure at times. Some of the top food items that are rich in carbohydrates are the following:-

1. Brown Rice: brown rice is one of the most beneficial carbohydrates that helps to cure heart-related diseases. They condemn the chances of diabetes by reducing the level of cholesterol in one’s body.

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2.    Buckwheat: buckwheat is marked with the presence of 12 amino acids as well as protein. It is one of the great agents for the synthesis of muscles. It also helps indigestion.

3.    Kidney Beans: Kidney beans are rich in carbohydrates and it reduces the threat for the heart. It protects the heart and does not let any external agent cause harm to it. Kidney beans have several harmful effects on one’s digestive system as well.

Therefore, it is to be remembered that kidney beans should be consumed in a minimal amount, and consumption of this particular food item in larger amounts might cause stomach upset.

4. Lentils: lentils contain 115 grams of carbohydrate in itself and it is a great protein substance. It ensures the superior health of the heart.

In any vegetarian family, the consumption of lentils is very common. In fact in non-vegetarian families as well lentils are consumed by a large scale of people in India and outside India as well.

5. Quinoa: It is a whole grain and considering this fat it has a high content of protein, iron, and carbohydrates. Therefore it is very evident that consuming quinoa is very beneficial for one’s body.

But one thing is to remember that quinoa seeds have several disadvantages which need to be avoided.

6. Oats: oats are not only rich in carbohydrates but also are rich in antioxidants. They lead to a development in the production of nitric oxide in one’s body.

They have 103 grams of carbohydrates in them and are also producers of beta glucagon that are effective in the reduction of cholesterol.

7. Whole Grain Wheat Flour: Whole grain wheat flour is a common and well-known source of carbohydrates in one’s body.

In any Indian family, one must include this particular food item because they turn out to be very advantageous as a carbohydrate source.

Apart from containing carbohydrates, they have high amounts of protein within themselves.

8. Potatoes: potatoes have high amounts of fats in them that are harmful but the fact that they are beneficial as well cannot be denied. We cannot overlook the fact that potatoes are very beneficial for the human body because they contain high amounts of Carbohydrates protein and Minerals. They give one strength and enhance the capacity to overcome any infection.

9. Bananas: bananas are the most common fruit of all time. They contain 50 grams of Carbohydrates and consuming them after any kind of workout can help a lot. They are a constant source of energy in the human body.

Bananas contain huge amounts of fiber and therefore it facilitates the digestion procedure by ensuring a healthy digestive system.

10.  Chickpeas: containing 45 grams of Carbohydrate chickpeas are great protein sources in our body. However, the carbohydrate level is low in chickpeas but the amount of protein balances the nutritional value.

They contain manganese and also increases one’s mental abilities, the improved memory helps to remember dates or even academic notes.

11.  Nuts: Nuts are of various categories which include groundnut cashew nut, Almonds peanut, etc. Nuts boost energy and enable one to stay healthy. The protein content present in nuts has positive impacts on one’s body.

They are also great providers of magnesium and manganese in the human body. The vitamin E present in them helps in the development of the body in each and every sector of it. Nuts can be eaten with shakes. 

12.  Sweet Potato: previously we have talked about potatoes having a high content of but now we will focus on sweet potatoes which are also very good providers of carbohydrates in the human body.

Containing 27 grams of carbohydrates, sweet potatoes implants vitamin A in the body of an individual.

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Healthy High Carbohydrate

13.  Oranges: Orange is a dear fruit. We all know that oranges are quite tasty but few of us know that oranges contain carbohydrates that can cure heart diseases and reduce gastritis problems in people but one thing to be kept in mind is that consuming too much Orange at a go may not feel good for the stomach. They can be consumed after you are done with your lunch.

14.  Berries: berries are not a single entity they include Raspberry Blueberry Blackberry etc. They are rich in vitamin C and they can be great in reducing the cholesterol level in the human body. Berries reduce the chances of fatty liver.

If you need to build your immunity then you should consume berries regularly be it strawberry Blueberry Raspberry or BlackBerry. All of them are equally helpful and beneficial for your body and the development of your overall health.

15.  Grapefruit: fruits are a great source of protein, minerals, and carbohydrates. Consuming fruits on a daily basis such as grapefruit, banana, and apple increases the amount of iron in one’s body which ensures proper blood circulation.

If we talk about the enhancement of energy in the human body then grapefruit is the epitome of providing energy. If you wish to maintain a healthy diet then add grapefruit to your regular routine.

16.  Apples: Apple is the most common fruit of all time. They are rich in iron protein mineral carbohydrates and what not? Consuming apples regularly is a very advantageous move to enhance your body and develop it completely.

17.  Watermelons: Talking about watermelons, they have a little number of carbohydrates in them but the very little amount provides maximum energy to the human body which is beneficial and therefore this falls under the 17th number in the list of top 20 carbohydrates rich food items.

18.  Beetroot: Beetroot has 13 grams of carbohydrate present in them. They have high nutritional value and are great in increasing the strength of muscle and the overall body of human beings. Adding beetroot to your daily diet can lead to improvement in the digestive system and of course muscle growth.

19.  Brown Bread: Brown bread being a great source of fiber has a lot to do with the digestive system of human beings. They ensure smooth digestion and enhancement of the digestive system. If you have brown bread for breakfast then you will be feeling energetic throughout the day.

20.  Carrots: carrots are the most essential vegetable that Indian families cannot go without. They are great sources of carbohydrates. Eating a raw carrot is good. Using it in your soup, gravy makes the dish tasty.

Final Thought

I hope from this article it is evident that carbohydrates are highly important for our body. It gives us the strength to combat any serious disease.

Without carbohydrates, our body becomes weak. Our body is shaped by the food items we fetch and by the way we keep and maintain them.

Therefore it is our first and foremost duty to keep it healthy and safe. So that it remains capable enough to face any physical illness or mental instability.

The above-mentioned food items containing carbohydrates can be either eaten raw, with milkshakes, or by cooking. But consuming too much of these foods is also not recommended.

Therefore it is important to consume a balanced amount of carbohydrates on a daily basis. This will provide you with the exact amount of energy you require in order to survive a day.

We hope we did justice to the topic discussed and concluded the whole article with a fruitful note.

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