The Problem of Kidney stone | How To Pass Kidney Stone Fast Best 05 Ways

The problem of Kidney stone

Nowadays, The Problem Of Kidney Stone many people are troubled by the problem of kidney stones. Their problem increases even more when they unknowingly consume those things, which the patient of kidney stone should not eat at all. If you do not know what are the things that people facing the problem of kidney stones should not consume, then let us tell you here.

protein-rich foods

If you have a kidney stone, then you should not consume those things, which contain protein. These include things made from chicken, fish, cheese, egg, curd, milk and chenna and pulses etc. Consuming too much protein has a bad effect on the kidneys.

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Fine seed vegetables and fruits

In case of kidney stone problems, you should not consume such vegetables and fruits at all, which contain fine seeds. These include tomato, brinjal, tasty, raspberry, cucumber, cucumber, guava and many more things. Consuming them can aggravate the problem even more.

high salt foods

Salt intake should be reduced if there is a problem with kidney stones. Canned foods, Chinese, Mexican food should also not be consumed because they contain a lot of salt.


foods with high phosphorus

Things with high phosphorus such as fast food, toffee, junk food, chips, can soup, chocolate, nuts, carbonated drinks, butter, soy, peanuts, cashews, raisins, dry grapes should be absolutely avoided.

What is the best treatment for kidney stones

Citrus fruits and calcium-rich foods

Along with citrus fruits like orange, lemon, gooseberry, you should also not consume things like pumpkin, dried beans, raw rice, urad dal, soybean, parsley, chikoo, spinach, whole grains, chocolate, tomato. It can increase the size of the stone.

cold drinks

In case of kidney stones, drinking cold drinks should be avoided as it contains a high amount of phosphoric acid, which can further increase the risk of stones.

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