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Weight Loss Tips For Diabetic Patients. Top 03 Type Of Diabetics Explained with Best Way


Best Weight Loss Tips For Diabetic Patients

The disease named diabetes occurs as a result of the presence of high blood sugar levels. It has been clinically proven that blood glucose implants energy in our bodies. In other words, it is evident that blood glucose is the main source from which one gets energy that sustains throughout the day.

The blood glucose level is dependent on the type of food you consume on a daily basis. A pancreatic hormone namely insulin helps in planting a considerable amount of glucose in the cells.

But one thing needs to be kept in mind that if someone is marked with too much presence of glucose in their blood then it is certainly not beneficial, rather it is very harmful. Honestly, there is no cure for diabetes but there are some safety measures. Measures to be taken to not spread the disease. It does not spread by physical contact.

Types of diabetes:

There are mainly 3 basic and most common types of diabetes which are the following:-

●     Type 1 diabetes: This type of diabetes is quite common and in type 1 diabetes the body of an individual becomes unable to make insulin. Your immune system causes harm to the cells in the pancreas and destroys it completely. Therefore it cannot make insulin at all.

In general, young adults and children are prone to the first type of diabetes. In order to stay alive, it is compulsory for the patients to take insulin on a regular basis.

●     Type 2 diabetes: If you are diagnosed with this type of diabetes, that is type 2 diabetes, then your body is unable to make proper use of the insulin. This type of diabetes can be prevalent in people of all age groups, be it young children, adult candidates, or senior citizens.

It can occur at any age at any given point in time. But it has been seen that it is commonly prevalent in middle-aged as well as older people. Type 2 is the commonest and most widespread type of diabetes.

●     Type 3 Gestational diabetes: Some women are prone to gestational diabetes when they are pregnant. This is not a very serious and impactful type of diabetes. This is because, after the birth of the baby, this type of diabetes is no more prevalent. But if you have gestational diabetes in pregnancy, there are high chances of getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the future. At times, pregnant women are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes as well.

The above-given types are the most common types of diabetes that can be found in various people across the world but there are more types of diabetes that are significantly uncommon in nature.

They are cystic fibrosis-related diabetes and monogenic diabetes. Monogenic diabetes is one of the inherited versions of diabetes. These types are not generally seen in people of India, these are temporary and do not damage body organs. Proper medication and maintenance of diet can condemn these types of diabetes.

Weight Loss Tips For Diabetic Patients:

Diabetic Patients gain a lot of weight because of the excessive amount of glucose level in their blood. Therefore, it is important for them to remain in proper shape and maintain a suitable diet. They need it for themselves and their own betterment. Given below are some tips for losing weight for Diabetic Patients:-

●     Make a proper workout plan: If you are a teenager then it will be beneficial if you work out and keep yourself physically healthy. It is a necessity because it keeps your body in proper shape and does not allow your body to catch any other fatal disease.

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Weight Loss Tips For Diabetic Patients

But in the case of senior citizens, it is certainly not suggested to do regular exercise. A 30-minute walk in the playground or garden can be of great help to keep the functioning of the joints intact.

Diabetes is a fatal disease if not taken proper precautions and in case it reaches its peak, it might affect one’s pressure levels. Therefore, take action before it becomes too hard to control. Planning always helps in figuring out your desired workout patterns.

●     Take care of your pre and post-: A healthy diet helps in keeping diabetes in control. Your breakfast, lunch, and dinner are very important agents which determine how much you can control your Diabetic tendencies. One should always consume green vegetables on a regular basis because they have high contents of protein and minerals in them.

It controls the glucose level in one’s blood. Try out basic exercise styles so that you can be physically fit. Make sure your snacking system is quite smart. Make a plan or a chart on what are going to be your meals every day that would boost up your energy. Nuts are great for diabetic Patients after workouts because they implant energy and act as a great immunity booster as well.

Teenagers who work out should carry a protein bar with them. So that you can have it post-workout. You can also carry fruits instead of a protein bar, which can also be a great option.

●     Be aware of symptoms emerging from discomfort: It is true that exercise helps in keeping the diabetic symptoms in control but if you feel uneasy or uncomfortable performing the particular exercise, then it must be taken care of. Do not overlook it.

In general, diabetic Patients get tired very easily because of the lack of energy inside them but even the slightest discomfort might give rise to something dangerous. Therefore, it is suggested not to do strenuous exercises.

Instead, perform exercises that you are comfortable in, do yoga, walk for half an hour or more on your lawn. These factors will keep you physically and mentally healthy.

●     Maintain foot hygiene: Diabetic Patients should take care of their feet and clean them every now and then. This way they can avoid germs and dust particles. There should not be cuts or rashes because even the simplest cuts can give rise to blood loss and blood flow is certainly not beneficial for a diabetic patient.

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Weight Loss Tips For Diabetic Patients

Rather it is of great disadvantage. Wear proper and branded Footwear to ensure the proper shape of your feet. Wearing low-quality shoes might cause leg pain and cramps.

●     Eat iron-rich food: Research and studies prove that people suffering from diabetes have very minimal amounts of iron in them. Therefore, it is suggested that they should always consume food items that are rich in iron.

A high content of iron will ensure proper blood supply in them. Some of the most common iron-rich food terms are broccoli, lentils, spinach, etc.

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Weight Loss Tips For Diabetic Patients

Treatment of diabetes:

There are specialized doctors who treat diabetes. They prescribe various medicines as well as injections which helps in increasing the amount of insulin in one’s blood. Given below are the basic Treatments of diabetes:-

●     Treatment for type 1 diabetes: This type of diabetes mainly requires insulin. Therefore doctors prescribe injections to increase the levels of insulin in one’s blood. Insulin starts to generate in one’s body within 15 minutes of intake. It is very long-lasting as well and it lasts for more than 4 hours.

Mention may be made of short-acting insulin here because they last for a shorter period of time. Immediate-acting insulin and long-acting insulin are also common insulin types that are injected by Type 1 Diabetic Patients. These Injections help a lot in developing insulin levels in the blood of an individual.

●     Treatment for type 2 diabetes: Type of diabetes can be controlled by exercising, doing yoga, and moreover, it can be condemned by working out. A change in lifestyle is required for type 2 diabetes. But in case it goes beyond cure, it can be a big problem.

Therefore, it is suggested to consult a doctor for medication even for the slightest inconvenience. You need to take some strong medicines to keep this type of diabetes under control.

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Weight Loss Tips For Diabetic Patients

●     Treatment for Gestational diabetes: Treatment for this type of diabetes requires constant monitoring of blood sugar levels. Make dietary changes if necessary. Eat healthy and protein-rich food items. Consult a doctor to know further precautions.


Thus, to conclude, it is certainly very important to state that diabetes is one of the most common diseases of all time. In fact, it is not limited to any age group, it can occur to anyone at any given point in time. But different types occur to people of different age groups.

In fact, pregnant women are also diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It is common in India as well as in foreign countries. The above-given tips need to be followed in order to keep your Diabetic symptoms in control.

One of the most essential factors is diet planning. Since diabetic patients consume a lot of medicines on a regular basis, it is very important for them to eat healthily and stay healthy. They need to have iron-rich food.

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